Our Services
Since our inception in 2010, we have been providing photographic services with a commercial or photo-journalistic edge. Often the process begins with a portrait session or lifestyle photo shoot, leading on to other things to help brands grow online.

Increasingly, clients asked us to cover their events and build content for use across print, web and social media sites. Soon after this extended into discussions around creative concepts for their advertising campaigns, to be delivered in multiple media formats. 

We orchestrated pre-production meetings, writing out detailed project plans and organising all the talent needed to bring it all together - both in-front of the camera and also behind the scenes. And we started offering SEO, social media advertising, copywriting and marketing services to provide the end-to-end solution for it all, measuring and monitoring our effectiveness.

The greatest thrill for us is delivering on a project that reaches or exceeds expectations. And the only way we get there is by giving everything we do all our passion and commitment and our love for creating outstanding content.

Circumstances changed our business structure in late 2016. We started producing our own events around themes that help the world see life with higher ideals of equality, diversity, creativity and love. Coupled with changes to the law in late 2017, we decided to ramp-up our team and extended our services to include weddings and creative direction in the brand experience space too.

We love bringing ideas to life and creating everlasting memories. If there's any way we can help you or your business to tap into your mission and bring your vision to the world, then we encourage you to make contact and start a discussion. 

Let us know how we might be of service. 

This is what we live for.
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