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We had so much fun putting our show together for the 2018 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade, in it's 40th year where we got to pay tribute to Our History!

Producing this was a massive team effort. We couldn't have done it without the time, energy, passion and commitment of our 80 cast members and 15 behind-the-scenes crew, parade organisers, financial supporters, suppliers and individuals who went above-and-beyond to help us out. To all, we sincerely say, thank you!

Colours of Our Community was a proud recipient of the Google Mardi Gras Parade Grant for 2018. The $2,000 we were given went to make our costumes so much more special - a fitting tribute to Mardi Gras Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Ron Muncaster.

Extra special thanks goes to our generous donors and suppliers;
The Breedwell team in NYC.
CBRE, for our dance rehearsal space.
Kennard's Hire Auto Mobile Alexandria.
The Lord Roberts Hotel, 64 Stanley Street Darlinghurst.
Wendy and Kevin Hammond.
Fraser Gray, Rob Smith and Ashley Hayes.
Tim Eckenfels, Josh Faulks, Brooke Flint.
CBA, Maroubra Branch.
Lucas Goldiee at Luko Media.
And also to the individuals who went above-and-beyond to donate their own funds.

Founder and Creative Director, Markham Lane.
Float Marshall and Cast Co-ordinator, Todd Hammond.
LGBTQI Army of Light and Colour, LED gear by
LGBTQI Community Heroes, costumes designed by Victoria Rivera Martin.
Make-up by Lei Tai and her team.
Choreography by Jean Paul Jr.
Float Music Arranged by DJ Hamo Tevita.
Special Appearances by Sheba Williams, Shelley Gorman, James Brandstetter, Marco Selda, Mellisa Ali, Ma-dani Trani and Kylie Jackes.

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