A proof sheet of images of Sydney drag queen Fantasia Towers from the glamour portrait photo shoot by photographer Markham Lane was produced prior to glamour editing services were commenced, highlighting the best editorial images under consideration.

A proof sheet of images created by photographer Markham Lane is produced after every photo shoot, before photo editing services are commenced.

Every person that commits to commissioning a professional photo shoot in the studio wants to feel like a star on the day and for the end results to look as glamorous as possible.
Photographer Markham Lane provides direction for every subject in-front of his camera, because while some people might be adept at taking selfies, the process is very different when under studio lighting conditions. 
Both the photographer and the subject work collaboratively to achieve the best possible results, to immortalise each character, while telling a compelling visual story. This level of media training is not offered by most other photographers, and is the main reason why Markham Lane's work is so instantly recognisable.
It should also be noted that photo realistic image editing services are time consuming and require a delicate touch by an editorial specialist who not only uses professional editing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, but who understands the nature of skin, hair and make-up and how to blend it seamlessly without it looking fake.
A studio portrait with post production glamour edits of Sydney drag queen Fantasia Towers, as shot by photographer Markham Lane in the Markham Images studio in 2019.

A studio based portrait of Sydney drag queen Fantasia Towers, as shot and edited by photographer Markham Lane. Copyright 2019 Markham Lane. All Rights Reserved.

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