Standout and make a difference
Our services include photography, commercial grade image retouching, graphic design, video production and live media services, advertising and social influence campaigns.

Our work is always designed to stand out and cut-through a cluttered marketplace.

Working with our clients we compile a project plan and quote to achieve campaign or individual objectives, crafting messaging aligned with brand attributes and audience personas. Creatively directing the entire production process, we source talent and manage all the resources to bring concepts to life as planned, on time and on budget. 
Our clients* include these awesome brands
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Commercial, portraits and creative 
 Our work is best known for elevating brands with diverse community audiences, creating content strategies to promote, leverage and influence networks to build business acumen that continues to work long after our commercial advertising and cross-promotional campaigns are completed. 

Take your business to the next level. Ask us for our proposal to take you there. 
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Colours of Our Community started as an art project by photographer Markham Lane in 2006. Since inception, we've produced various artworks, exhibitions, books, costumes, shows, events and activations surrounding our values, developing a community of champions along the way. Want to ignite the fire in your audience too? Share your vision. Audiences love to engage with something bigger than themselves.
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