An aerial photograph created in 2011 by photographer Markham Lane using a double polarised lens filter, while flying over the Hawaiian Islands at 15,000 feet. The image shows a cloud formation below, and was digital altered in 2021 to show various perspectives, without any filter, with a single polarised lens and the double polarised lens filter.

Double Polarised Aerial View From 15,000 Feet captured in 2011 by photographer Markham Lane and digitally altered in 2021. Copyright 2021 Markham Lane. All Rights Reserved.

Originally created in March 2011 while on a flight from Maui to Kawaii, one day after the Japanese earthquake tsunami hit Hawaii, this aerial photography example shows a cloud bank below, captured with a double polarised lens filter created by the polarised window of the aircraft and the polarised lens on the camera. The double polarisation effect highlights the spectrum of colour available in the light.
In 2021 the image was digital altered by photographer Markham Lane to show the image in various perspectives, without a lens, with a single lens, and with the double polarised lens effect - making the photo look as if it is shot inside of a rainbow and looking down from the heavens to the cloud and sea below.
A high resolution metallic pearl fine art photographic print of photographer Markham Lane's digitally altered aerial photo Double Polarised Aerial View From 15,000 Feet, hangs on the wall of a modern dining room.

An archive quality fine art print on metallic pearl photographic material of photographer Markham Lane's Double Polarised Aerial View From 15,000 Feet hangs in a modern dining room, with approximate dimensions 120 centimetres across by 85 centimetres tall.

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