Colours of Our Community

Founded in 2006 by Markham Lane, our social group champions diversity, equality and LGBTQI love. Join us! Scroll down to see more

Colours Float 2019 Mardi Gras Parade Day Highlights
March, 2019
Pink Triangle Queen Leads 2019 Colours Float
March, 2019
Rainbows and Triangles: Colours Float 2019
February, 2019
Colours of Our Community Introduction Video
February, 2017
Colours of Our Community Float in 2018 Parade Video
March, 2018
Colours Float Confirmed in 2018 Parade
December, 2017
Colours Collection 2017 USA
October, 2017
Colours of Our Community Book, by Markham Lane
August, 2017
Colours of Our Community, 2017 Public Exhibition
February, 2017
2017 Sydney Mardi Gras, Premier Event
December, 2016
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