A colourful butterfly on a background of bitumen and glitter is displayed as a digital artwork by Markham Lane.

X-Static Process 2021-06-26 is a digital artwork by Markham Lane that represents the fusion of art and technology, interrupted during the Covid-19 pandemic, to be forever transformed by the experience.

The metaphor of transformation represented by the butterfly describes the revelation of coming out of an extended period of brain fog that completely debilitated the artist in all aspects of life, while the background of bitumen and glitter represents the old life the artist used to have working on Sydney's Oxford Street scene, as an official photographer for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, (2013-2020).
This work motivated the artist to take a deep dive and exploration into the digital art movement, motion graphics, glitch art and generative art processes which later formed the basis into what he would describe as his 'Abstractica' period; a revelatory new era where the constraints of expectation and servitude are replaced by the unexpected.
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